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Free Job Posting At ajirawikis

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Free Job Posting  At ajirawikis

Tips For Writing A Great Job Posting
  1. Perform a thorough job analye 300-700 word range. ...
  2. job title must be clear, direct, and specific. ...
  3. Describe the job opportunity. ...
  4. Sell the job opportunity. ...
  5. Sell the company vision and culture. ...
  6. Describe the application process.
7. Perform a thorough job analysis

8. Research competitor job descriptions, compensation, and job titles to get a thorough understanding of what you’re up against. 

9.  Keep the job posting in the 300-700 word range

  your first opportunity to showcase your company to potential employees.

10. Consider links to reviews about your company, testimonials, or pictures on your
       Facebook and Glassdoor pages if you have them.

  11. Adding a link to this page in your job description would give candidates a better understanding of your company. A picture is worth a thousand words.

  12.  Structure your job posting Candidates conducting a job search may look at hundreds of job postings a week. Keep the job description at 4-6 paragraphs or fewer. This because in our experience too long of a job description turns off
          candidates which reduce your number of applicants.

      Job Posting Sample Template

        [Title of the job]
          Intro and job overview: Provide a 2-3 max paragraph description of the company, the role, what it takes to excel in the role. You also want to state how the opportunity fits in the company and the overall structure of the team.

          Benefits and pay range:

          • Pay
          • Benefits such as health, vacation, holidays, and special working hours etc.

          Responsibilities and Duties:

          • Use bullet points and list the essential duties of the role.
          • List the duties in order of importance
          • Use present tense and full sentences
          • Make sure and use gender-neutral language.

          Requirements and Qualifications:

          • Educational requirements
          • Years of experience required
          • Years of experience needed with specific skills.
          • Personality characteristics that usually excel in the role
          • Any necessary certifications
          • List any physical abilities needed such as lifting 50 pounds, etc.
          • Preferred qualifications
          • Qualifications that would be a plus

          Closing and application instructions:

          Explain the timeline for hiring and the application process.

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