Becoming Tech Entrepreneur: Technical Knowledge?


Becoming Tech Entrepreneur: Technical Knowledge?

The knowledge you have right now is what you need to get started.

But, if your startup exists in the tech space, then there are some concepts that are bound to come up at least a little.
And if you have a foundation of knowledge in these areas, it will be a lot easier to tackle whatever comes your way.

#1 Coding
When do you think about tech entrepreneurs, who comes to mind? Steve Jobs? Jeff Bezos? Elon Musk? Bill Gates?

#2 Accounting and Bookkeeping
On a completely different note, every startup still has to manage money.
You need to be able to keep track of funds and expenses, and you need to be able to manage your money effectively.

#3 Math
You do not need a Ph.D. in math just to be an entrepreneur.
You don’t even need to know advanced mathematical concepts for a lot of entrepreneurial projects.

#4 Engineering
If you want to be a tech entrepreneur, then it means you want to innovate the tech space in some way.
That might be a software product, a new hardware system, or even just a service.

#5 Writing
This one surprises a lot of entrepreneurs, but technical writing skills are essential, and they come up a lot.
At a minimum, you’re going to have to create written descriptions of your products, services, and/or systems.

#6 Wireframing
For those unfamiliar, wireframing is the ability to conceptualize a process for building technical products and/or services.
In other words, wireframing is the essential job done by the entrepreneur.

#7 Analysis
Lastly, every tech startup needs good analysis to steer the ship.
Once again, you can outsource a lot of the detailed analysis that will be necessary to remove your products or services and help you make corrections.
But, you need to know enough about analysis to make use of that information.

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